Notion template to review and plan your year (2021 edition)

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What's inside the template:

Weekly review and planning

To reflect:

  • Review your week with a simple journaling method

To focus:

  • Identify the focus of your week

To plan

  • List down and check off your top three to-dos for the week

  • List down 3 things you're grateful for

  • One highlight of the day


  • Track your habits in a habit tracker

  • A simple checklist for your digital housekeeping

  • Also: How to use this template

Monthly summary

  • Main themes of the month

  • Wins and lessons

  • Mark your special days on the calendar

Overview of the quarter and the year

  • Four sections split to each quarter of the year

  • Each quarter has a theme(s), a list of the months and weeks.

This template comes in two versions

  • Easy / 2021 edition: If you're a beginner in reviewing and planning

  • Medium / 2022 edition: If you're used to reviewing and planning and want something more structured. This includes more databases to filter and group.


How do I use this template? 

  • On the top of the main calendar overview page, you can read how to use the whole template.

  • You can also read my blog post about how I use this for my weekly review and planning. 

Can I use Notion's free plan for this?

Yes, you can. You will receive my Notion template, and you'll be able to duplicate it to your dashboard.

Can I duplicate this template to share with my team/friends?

This is for your personal use only, but you can freely modify the template to your requirements for yourself.

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You'll get a Notion template to do your review and planning for the year

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Notion template to review and plan your year (2021 edition)

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